Whether you’re looking for a diagnosis to an illness, meet travel requirements, or monitor your pet’s health as they age, we offer a variety of wellness and diagnostic tests to suit all your pets’ needs.

By keeping an eye on your pet’s health status, our team can provide a variety of health and lifestyle recommendations, detect early warning signs of a disease, and provide you with the most effective treatment options possible.

Annual wellness screening is recommended during your pet’s yearly check-up since not all health issues are visible on a routine physical examination. These tests results are compared to a range of values that correspond with your pet’s age and health status.

We also offer blood tests that can reassure you that your pet has not come into contact with heartworm, ticks and other parasites that carry life-threatening diseases.  This test can be done at the same time as the Annual Wellness Screening or at another time.

Pets with specific health concerns may also require regular blood work to be done. Your veterinarian will be discuss the details of any required tests including the benefits of each specific test, how often we should be testing, and the average turnover time for results. If a specific test was recommended for your pet, or you’d like to do a wellness blood panel to ensure there are no underlying health concerns present, give us a call!

We’d be happy to discuss your testing options and book an appointment.

– diabetes
– kidney disease
– hyperthyroidism
– hypothyroidism
– pancreatitis
– anemia
– hypoglycemia in puppies
–  urinary tract infection
– complete blood profile
–  pre- surgical blood screen
– adult wellness blood screen
– senior wellness blood/urine screen
– blood parasite screen
– tick-borne diseases screen
– feline retroviral disease testing
– fecal PCR testing
– Culture and Sensitivity testing
–  parvovirus and distemper antibody titer
– rabies antibody titer test for export
– heartworm test for export
– leptospirosis test for export
– brucellosis test for export
– and other diseases