Nutritional Counseling

Finding the right diet for your pet is critical to their long-term well-being! Just like humans, our pets need the right balance of nutrients like fats, proteins, vitamins and more to thrive, and they may require a few diet changes throughout their life depending on their age, health conditions, and ideal weight. These days, deciding on the perfect food for your pet is no easy task - diet options range from traditional kibble to new trending foods, and choosing from the dozens of brands commercially available can be time-consuming, to say the least. That’s why our team of certified nutrition advisors is happy to prepare feeding plans unique to each pet’s needs and tastes using a combination of the many veterinarian-approved diets that we carry in-clinic! Not finding the diet you need? Visit our online store for even more options. For an even greater selection, we’re happy to special order specific diets from our supplier - just ask!