Toronto Pet Care!

The Animal Clinic has been serving pets and their parents in beautiful downtown Toronto for more than 50 years. We are located adjacent to the Toronto Metropolitan University Campus in the heart of the Garden District.  We are proudly, privately owned and operated, established by Dr. John Reeve-Newson in 1968 and originally located at 280 Parliament St in Toronto.  The Animal Clinic moved to Mutual Street in 2003.  Dr. Matthew Richardson became partners with Dr. Reeve Newson in 2007. In 2021, John retired, and Matthew became the owner of the Animal Clinic. 

We strive to provide gold-standard care for our patients supported by a trusted team of Veterinarians, Technicians, and support staff.  Our approach focuses on the lifelong health of our patients and a strong and trusting connection with their pet parents.   

Meet Our Team

In our bright and spacious clinic, we offer health services for cats and dogs

Beyond our clients and patients, we believe that our team of individuals each brings a unique, valuable contribution to our daily work.  We are an inclusive, diverse, and caring team who rely on each other to learn and grow in the field of animal care and veterinary medicine.  We do important work to support our downtown community and we are very proud of what our team offers.

Our practice is environmentally conscious; we are constantly looking for better ways to do business that does not impact our environment negatively.  In 2022 we refitted the clinic with LED lighting.  We utilize Bullfrog Power in the clinic, a sustainable solution that helps reduce our carbon footprint.  Our clients can participate by getting their deliveries from the clinic by bicycle within the core of Toronto through our partnership with NRBI.

  • Boarding & Day Care 
  • Claims to pet insurance 
  • Dental Health 
  • End of life and aftercare 
  • Medical Services & Referrals 
  • Microchip Pet Identification 
  • Nutrition & Pet Supplies 
  • Pet Grooming 
  • Pet Travel Consultation 
  • Radiographs (Xrays)
  • Surgical, Anesthetic, and Patient Monitoring  
  • Vaccines and Exams 
  • Zero Emission Local Delivery